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Sooooooo this is a lame post, but I got Windows 7, and I just wanted to rave about it for a moment. Mostly because my computer was moving at about the speed of a legless llama (no, i don't know why that was the first simile i came up with) and now it actually moves faster than I can pay attention to. Although, deleting all the junk on my computer probably helped a bit.

In other news, work is fantastic, even though I'm at school 50+ hours a week, its just a dream. Made it through my first round of grading, got all excited because I took the time to put "additional comments" on a lot of the kids cards, but then I found out I did it wrong and none will be showing up on their report cards. But ah well, I did everything else right, not the end of the world. I found it interesting that all report cards are online now, they don't mail any of those cool brown foldable cards that I always loved getting. But I guess it cuts down on paper cost and waste, so thats nifty.

I've been working my butt off to build a giant castle set for our musical this year. Luckily, its a pretty easy draw, I'd definitely be making some "help meeeeeeeee" phone calls if it were a more difficult set, but I think I'll survive this year.

Other than that, nothing terribly interesting going on, probably going to start applying to Wayne State to get my masters soon, but they want artworks and letters of rec. and essays, always a joy. Steve just restarted at Detroit Mercy, and his homework this week was to memorize the names of crime bosses and syndicates, what a fun degree. The musical is the first three weeks of March, so after that my schedule is going to fly open and I'll be hitting up everyone for lunches and dinners and movies, but until then, back to the brushes!


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