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Well, I'm getting closer to being an actual teacher :D Hurrah!
After nine million tests and tax forms and criminal background checks I have been given a job at Childtime as an Assistant Teacher :D I might be in the 2-4yr olds room which would be adooooorable, or in the older kids room, which is fine too.
What I really like about the program, and why I applied, is that it is completely hands-on and arts based. They get dry curriculum from the schools, and then turn the boring lecture stuff into arts-based activites for the kids.

So I'm hoping this job turns out to be as great as it sounds, because the kids are super cute and the staff seem nice (and my age!) so that's nifty.

In other news, Svea and Nadine dropped in from Germany for a few days, and we spent 48 hours in whirlwind adventure checking out the mall, the school, detroit, and all sorts of stuff from when we were high schoolers, so that was a blast! She might move to Montreal with her b/f, so that would be fun for road trips :) In other news, I think me and ashleigh are going to try and plan a trip to Germany for next summer, might be quite a strecth, buuuuut we'll see :)

So that's all, hopefully Mongo tomorrow with Kristina, don't know because I have training, but I shall think about it nonetheless :D
1.) Got paid to spend all day making finger puppets with my most favorite second graders EVER.
I love my job.

2.) Got my graduation letter, I BE CERTIFIABLE &##&@%!*#'s!

3.) Got a physical in which they asked me if I was "mentally inclined to harm children", thought that was silly.

4.) Figured out how to make easy cajun chicken pasta. Mmmmm.

5.) I don't actually have a number five, it just seemed like a nice number to end on.

Alright, so tomorrow it's up bright and early to help get the elementary kids into their costumes so we can take pictures for the musical, then its Flogging Molly for the rest of the night!!!

Super excited.

And next week is Keiths 21st Bday, man I feel old. But, it's going to be amazing, we've rented out a basement at Mama Mia's on Commerce Rd., anyone who wants to come is welcome, five bucks at the door and you get free food, cheap drinks, all the dancing you can handle, and who even knows what else!

As for now, it's naptime :)
Well now, isn't this a joy. I applied for graduation a bit ago and just got a letter saying I having completed my Diversity credit (everyone has to take at least one class related to either Diversity in women or in race, how every single art and non-western history class I've taken doesn't count, I'll never know) and that if I took it at OCC I need to get it properly transferred.

Now here's the story on this credit, the first time I went to my assigned art advisor, he told me that he didn't know a lot about the teaching program (my god I should have switched advisors RIGHT THEN, but he was such a nice little old man) but he reassured me that taking a particular non-western art history course would count for it due to it's exploration of unusual cultures.

NOPE. For whatever reason, the school doesn't count that class. I let him slide on this one, because I needed the class anyways, and it was fun.

Well, through the next three years he screwed up a bunch and I ended up just relying on the art secretary (who is AWESOME) to change classes around for me and sign stuff so I could fix his mistakes.

Last winter, before I started student teaching, I went to him one last time (thinking HEY, maybe this guy can redeem himself by looking into this issue) with the problem of the diversity credit, and asked if I could take this summer course, and after he looked into it he said yes, that seems fine, best of luck in life.

Took the course, and now here I am. Can't graduate because it doesn't count.
Safe to say, I'll be at Eastern on Monday, and I am telling the art department that they cannot recommend this guy as an art ed. advisor anymore, because this is RIDICULOUS.
So, I got my test results for my MTTC (big teaching test) today and I TOTALLY FRIGGIN PASSED. Which is quite amazing because 80% of the test was won through educated guesses. It was stupidly hard and detailed. But now it doesn't matter! Because I passed! And I'm thinking that sometime in the next week I would like to either A.) Go to Mongolian BBQ B.) Go see Avatar again or C.) Do both to celebrate. If anyone is interested in coming with, tell me what date works best for you. Karole, if you still do LJ, I will totally drive you to and from Ypsi for celebrations :D

I am so happy! That test was super expensive too, and I was more freaked about having to pay all that money again. Now I just have to get my "Hey I can legally zap people back to life" card, and I can get certified as a Michigan Teacher!!!

Lol, so apparently there's all this fancy new research that suggests that eating off of darker colored plates (such as blues and blacks) will suppress your appetite. Furthermore, they say that sushi restaurants are on the edge of this new fad, and often serve sushi on black plates to make small smounts of fish filling.

See #2

Personally, I always just figured it was the huge amounts of rice and tea, however, I am curious about these studies and do believe I may invest in some blue plates and glasses :D

My only reasoning behind this is because I can easily drink cans of Mt. Dew and Dr. Pepper and Coke multiple cans at a time, but I've noticed throughout the years that I can only get about 1/3 of the way through a pepsi before I put it back in the fridge. I always just figured I didn't like Pepsi, but perhaps its something more? Or perhaps I have too much time on my hands to read color studies ;)
So in my boredom of being unable to find a full time job (although I worked at a special ed. elementary yesterday, and it was so much fun!) i've been thinking up fun art projects I can do come summertime, and i've decided papermaking is going to be my new hobby. I figure I can make paper out in the sun, cut them into small pieces and make recycled watercolor postcards that I can mail to people :D so, if you would like a post card, and i didn't get your address for holiday cards, you should send it to me somehow :D later gators!
Went to see Avatar, it was AMAZING. beyond words. well, the plot was silly, but the rest made up for it.

Got a "sorry but the position you applied for has already been filled" notice. crap.
Applied at a few more places, might end up as a nanny o.O under the table payment what what?

Studied as much as I can, test is tomorrow at 1pm. Start crossing fingers around 12, I'll need all the extra karma I can get :)

We're all pretty sure the lizard ate my camera card. It was right in the area he was sun-bathing, and it's awfully strange we can't find it anywhere. Plus, it's shiny, which is well known for being in his "things I enjoy eating" category. Ah well.


So I've been trying to study for this MTTC (Final Art Education Test) every night for about a week now (since my adviser didn't tell me I needed to sign up and ended up just making it in for emergency registration a 9 days before the test) and it's just hilarious how they try and break down what you should study into objectives, but in reality what they're doing is just telling you there's no possible way you could study for this test.

Objective four pretty much breaks down to:

Make sure you know every characteristic of every African culture that ever created art.
Make sure you know every period of art that Northern America went through. Even the weird ones that were around for like...30 seconds.
While you're at it, study the same for South America.
Might as well add in Asia and the Oceanic cultures too...but we're not going to tell you which ones, good thing there's only 100.
We're just going to assume you know everything about Europe.

There's going to be 20-30 questions in this section which literally could be asked about any specific group in any specific culture at any specific time. That's just ridiculous.

And then I have to memorize the history of Art Education, which I thought would be easy because I know the big 7, but the questions on the study test are about these pedagogies which I'm pretty sure the guy on the test just made up, because I've never heard of them, and neither has the internet.

So basically, I need some fingers crossed, because I am literally going to be winging this test.

(Well, kind of, I actually am writing down the *general* characteristics of every country, and just hoping whatever group within that area they decide to ask me about used those characteristics :D )
Hey all, it's that time again, I'm updating my address book for current addresses and phone numbers, so get on the ball and give me yours, who knows, maybe I'll send you something pretty :D


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