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i had a holy war in my 2nd grade classroom today.
it was epic.
a small child screamed "you're all going to hell" across my room.

now on to my musical grey's anatomy ;)

We can do ittttt!

Whew. Well that was exhausting. Trying to finish up the scenery for the musical and make sure we have a good Art show at the same time is a ridiculous amount of work. BUT! I succeeded :D Well, at least with the art show part. Tonight I had my department meeting, and then rushed off to the ESC center to greet my kids before the ceremony. Had a momentary heart attack because none of them were arriving, but they all showed up at in the last few minutes before the recognition, which made me feel like a real art teacher :) Got to stand up in front of the Board of Education and all the parents (there were like, 200! whoa!) and got my picture taken with the superintendent and all my kids :) Annnnnd now that it's over I can go back to working my tail off on the musical at the last minute before next week, showtime!
Sooooooo this is a lame post, but I got Windows 7, and I just wanted to rave about it for a moment. Mostly because my computer was moving at about the speed of a legless llama (no, i don't know why that was the first simile i came up with) and now it actually moves faster than I can pay attention to. Although, deleting all the junk on my computer probably helped a bit.

In other news, work is fantastic, even though I'm at school 50+ hours a week, its just a dream. Made it through my first round of grading, got all excited because I took the time to put "additional comments" on a lot of the kids cards, but then I found out I did it wrong and none will be showing up on their report cards. But ah well, I did everything else right, not the end of the world. I found it interesting that all report cards are online now, they don't mail any of those cool brown foldable cards that I always loved getting. But I guess it cuts down on paper cost and waste, so thats nifty.

I've been working my butt off to build a giant castle set for our musical this year. Luckily, its a pretty easy draw, I'd definitely be making some "help meeeeeeeee" phone calls if it were a more difficult set, but I think I'll survive this year.

Other than that, nothing terribly interesting going on, probably going to start applying to Wayne State to get my masters soon, but they want artworks and letters of rec. and essays, always a joy. Steve just restarted at Detroit Mercy, and his homework this week was to memorize the names of crime bosses and syndicates, what a fun degree. The musical is the first three weeks of March, so after that my schedule is going to fly open and I'll be hitting up everyone for lunches and dinners and movies, but until then, back to the brushes!


Well, I have my dream job, but I also am being eaten alive by paperwork.
There's just so much! Everywhere! All the time!

On the other hand, my button making machine is coming tomorrow, which is pretty fantastic.
But truly, this is craziness :)
I love my job!!!
I have the greatest kids ever. I let my 4th and 5th graders pick their music (school appropriate, of course) and they actually gave up the free talk time they earned today to continue listening.

Also, all the Kindergarten and 1st grade boys and girls think I'm the bee's knee's and give me hugs every time they see me.

I also had one little sweetheart that actually thought they had to set the building on fire in order to have a practice fire drill...thank goodness we sorted that out.

Other than that, I'm still trying to unwind from all the lesson plans and seating charts and figuring out the internet systems. One of these days I'll actually be able to sit down and watch all the shows I've been taping :)
Totally just found out I got jacked out of 50 bucks by a scam artist. Someone used their bleeping kid to sell me a book of fairy tales to raise money for their school and I just looked up the company to see when the book coming and it totally doesn't exist. So if Worldwide Circulation comes to your door with a mom and small child DO NOT BUY ANYTHING. Friggin people.
So I was talking to one of the kids parents today and we were discussing Deja Vu. They told me that thier grandparents had always told them that Deja Vu was the world's way of telling a person that they were exactly where they were supposed to be in life at that point and time. I thought that was cool. Keep it in mind next time you think "I've totally done this before" :)

In other news, I'll be working two jobs this summer and trying to get in shape which means the next three months are going to be craaaaaazy :)

Jun. 3rd, 2010

This dog is super cute and super friendly and needs to be adopted ASAP or terribly unfortunately she's going to the pound. If you know ANYONE who is looking for a small, spayed, kid and animal friendly dog give me a call! This dog is awesome and I want to help Kevyn and Tony find her a good home! Three and a 1/2 years old, in great health and very easy to care for, all she needs is some loving! Also looking for people to foster her until we can find her a home. Call/Email me if interested!!!






Ahhhhh being an art teacher.

(talking to sarah online)

"So I'm studying for my kinesiology test tomorrow, trying to memorize all the possible and impossible ways your muscles and bones can move within your body. How about you?"

"I'm using my coffee pot to boil water and sugar to make starter crystals so my little ones can make colored rock candy tomorrow."

"Tough stuff"

Blah. So I've just been informed that one of our kids was walking around with strep throat all week, and it's crazy contagious. I just so happen to have a sore throat today, but technically, I get a sore throat every weekend from talking my head off all week long, so I'm hoping to pieces that it's just another plain old sore throat and not strep. Cross your fingers!